How do I turn off VoiceOver on my iPhone when its locked?

Open the “Settings” app and then go to “General” and then to “Accessibility”Toggle the switch for “VoiceOver” to the OFF position.

How do I turn off VoiceOver?

On your device, open Settings . TalkBack. Turn Use TalkBack on or off. Select Ok.

How do I turn off VoiceOver without Siri?

Using the Home Button Shortcut. Rapidly press the Home button three times. Doing so will disable the VoiceOver feature if you have the Home button triple-click shortcut set up. You can perform this process from the lock screen.

Why is my iPhone suddenly talking to me?

You may have Voiceover set to on in Accessibility. To check, go to Settings, General, Accessibility and Voiceover. From within the Voiceover settings, see if Voiceover is set to On (green). If so, toggle to Off (white).

How do I unlock my phone from TalkBack mode?

If you have a password or pin for your device, there are several ways to unlock it:
  1. From the bottom of the lock screen, two-finger swipe up.
  2. Use the fingerprint sensor or face unlock.
  3. Explore by touch. At the bottom middle of the screen, find the unlock button, then double-tap.

Why is my phone talking to me?

Your Android speaks to you whenever you interact because TalkBack service has got activated. To disable it, go to Settings→Accessibility→TalkBack, and disable the switch. But navigating is not that easy, when you tap once, the phone speaks aloud; tap once again to actually feature the tap.