How do you pronounce sangiovese wine?

Are Chianti and Sangiovese the same?

What Is the Difference Between Sangiovese and Chianti? Generally, sangiovese refers to a specific red grape variety, while Chianti refers to a type of Italian wine. Sangiovese grapes are used to make more than just Chianti wines.

What is sangiovese wine?

Sangiovese is an Italian red wine grape varietal. As Italy’s most popular grape, it is most well known as the primary varietal used in Chianti. Sangiovese has the ability to take on the characteristics of region, climate and those imparted by the winemaker. Wines made from this grape vary widely in taste.

What does sangiovese wine taste like?

Sangiovese is savory. Because of its ability to be a chameleon, Sangiovese wines offer a wide range of tastes from very earthy and rustic–as is the case with many Chianti Classico– to round and fruit-forward. Regardless of where it’s grown, it always exhibits cherry flavors with more subtle notes of tomato.